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Laramie Avenue will be closed beginning Tuesday, January 13, 2015.  We anticipate reopening the roadway by mid March.  The closure will take place at a drainage crossing located between Blackstone Drive and Billy the Kid Lane.  Alternate route suggested via Platteville Boulevard or Buckboard Avenue.    Read More


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Public Works

Public Works


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The employees of the Department of Public Works are proud to provide the residents of Pueblo West Metropolitan District with the following services:

  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Transportation Planning
  • Signage and Traffic Signals on District-maintained roads
  • "Adopt-A-Highway" program for District-maintained roads
  • Commercial and Residential Plan review for Access and Drainage
  • Assist with Community Clean-Up Program
  • Environmental Investigations of illegal dumping
  • Maintain and establish storm water drainage systems and flood control

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Department of Public Works is to:

  • Construct and maintain a safe and efficient transportation system.
  • Implement structural and regulatory measures to minimize flooding related damages.
  • Receive requests and provide timely responses to citizens regarding local roadway and drainage problems.
  • Provide coordination and support services during emergency events and prepare action plans necessary to carry out emergency functions to protect the citizens of Pueblo West Metropolitan District and their property from damages caused by many types of disasters.
  • Plan and construct other Public Works projects as required.
Public Works

280 E McCulloch Blvd
PO Box 7005
Pueblo West CO 81007

Phone (719) 547-9801
Fax (719) 547-1049

Monday -Thursday

Director of Public Works
Dan Centa
(719) 547-5061

Interim Streets and Roads Manager
Jim McCaskell
(719) 547-5068

Administrative Assistant
Terri O'Donnell
(719) 547-5006