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Coaching Guidelines


    Welcome to the Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Youth Sports programs.  The role of a Youth Sports Coach is very rewarding.   We always strive to provide a positive and supportive environment which children, ages 4-12 can learn/improve sports skills and participate on a team that gives positive peer interaction and fun.  The goal of these programs is to offer all participants to play in a recreational, non-competitive environment rather than producing an atmosphere of excellence for a talented few.  With this in mind, no individual or team record in kept.

    Coaching in a youth sports program is teaching – teaching values, ethics, sportsmanship and skills.  Try to incorporate all of these aspects into your relations with your team members.  Show your team the path to good sportsmanship.

    In coaching youth sports for the department, the objective is to provide organized, quality practices through communication, preparation and safety.   It is essential that you communicate with players and parents, and important that they know your name and phone number in case of any emergency.

    Be prepared, whether it is practicing or getting ready for the game.  Having knowledge of good safety procedures will save a lot of time.  Horse play, climbing equipment, or running through a school are troublesome danger areas. These kinds of things are often overlooked and take time away from practice or game time. You need to be aware of safety needs.

     As a coach it is your job to help the players feel good about themselves, not to criticize or demean them.  If a player makes a mistake, remain positive and encourage them to do their best and work to improve skills.  

     Enjoy your time with the youth!  You will have an impact on these children as a role model.  Please feel free to call us or stop by the office if you ever have any questions or concerns.  We anticipate many great seasons in all of our Youth Sports programs.

     The following guidelines have been established as a guide for all Pueblo West Parks and Recreation Youth Sports Coaches.  By following these guidelines, all players will gain a worthwhile experience.


       1.         Coaching Guidelines

       2.          Coach Code of Conduct

       3.          Concussion in Sports (NAYS Free Online Course)

       4.          Background Check Forms

     The FREE courses take approximately 20-30 minutes via computer and the coach can do at his leisure at home.   Upon completion, download your certificate and paperwork directly to us, or you can bring into the parks office.


    Presently, players are assigned to teams by the office.  (In the future we are looking to place players on teams according to the schools they attend.) After the registration deadline and the teams are full, participants names are placed on a waiting list.  Please do not tell a child they can play on your team. The Sports Coordinator must approve any late registration and if we have openings, we will fill those open spots from the waiting list.  


    Coaches must call each child/parent on the team roster and inform them of the start date, time, and the school being used for the sport.  Team schedules and the t-shirts that were ordered will be handed out by the coach on the first day, of which is usually an all practice hour. League Directors will provide schedules and team t-shirts to coaches on-site prior to the coaches first game.

     If you can’t reach a player, please call us and we can check their form for an alternate phone number.  If a coach sets up any other practice time with the team other than the first 20 minutes offered by us weekly, remember practices are not mandatory – we don’t require any participant to “must attend” practices. 


    All volunteer coaches are required to attend a virtual or in-person coaches meeting prior to each seasons start date. All the important details for the season will be discussed in the meeting. Coaches will be notified via email ahead of time with the date and time of the meeting. 


    The department provides onsite League Directors/sports officials that oversee our sports programs.  They are there to help you if you have problems or any questions.


    All kinds of kids sign up to play all kinds of sports.  Some play because their parents push them, some are natural athletes that want to show what they can do, and some sign up just because their friends do, but here are 10 reasons that kids play sports:

    1.  FUN

    2.  Improve skills

    3.  Do something they are good at

    4.  Stay in shape

    5.  Challenge themselves

    6.  Be a part of a team

    7.  Get exercise

    8.  Learn skills for future level of play

    9.  Peer interaction

    10.  Self-esteem


    Most people know that Youth Sports are different from Professional Sports and understand they are recreational, non-competitive activities for their child, but part of an educational and a maturation experience.  That experience should be of joy and adventure for all participants but those who did drop out were polled as to why they quit.  Most dropped out by age 13 and some revealed that if practices were more fun and if they could play in games more they would come back. 

     As a coach, you have the opportunity to control the outcome for every child on your team.  It will be through your efforts that they will participate, have fun, improve their skills, make new friends, or to remain involved in sports.


    Acting out in anger or displaying any form of argument or violence during a game is simply not acceptable.  In recent months we have seen on TV and read on the internet about such instances and being a coach/parent, we see it happening more and more locally.  

    Coaches need to be prepared for anything. The kids you are coaching are going to remember you for a very long time and hopefully it will be a positive influence for them, not one where they request to not be on a coach’s team.


    Provide a safe environment, teach tactics and skills, and make it fun.  A coach can promote each players individual growth through well-planned and well-conducted activities.  Keep practices and games fun.  If a child has too low a level of excitement/stimulation during the program they can become bored.  The trick is to find the right level for team performance.

    • Use a wide variety of drills when working on skills
    • Keep all kids active rather than waiting in line for their turn
    • Give kids social interaction with their teammates
    • Create the environment where kids feel they are playing with each other rather than against each other
    • Avoid constant instruction during skills and scrimmages
    • Use positive encouragement rather than criticism
    • Coach kids to learn, than coaching to perform
    • Fit the level of skill with the ability of the child
    • Help kids set goals related to personal performance


     As stated in the coaching code of conduct, a coach will:

     1.  Place the emotional & physical well being of my players ahead of the desire to win

    2.  Treat each player as an individual

    3.  Provide a safe situation for my players

    4.  Review basic first aid principles needed to treat injuries

     5.  Organize practices that are fun and challenging

     6.  Lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship

     7.  Be knowledgeable in the rules of each sport that I coach and teach them to my players

     8.  Use coaching techniques appropriate for each of the skills I teach

     9.  Remember that I am a Youth Sports Coach, and that the game is for the children

    10.  Adhere to all Pueblo West Parks & Rec. policies and procedures

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