Fire Department Performance Measures

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Address the increased demand for services community wide and meet national standards for emergency response times by providing adequate coverage for the 50 square miles of our community
  2. Increase firefighter staffing levels to improve public and firefighter safety to meet national standard

Staffing Levels 2020

The National Fire Protection Standard (NFPA 1710/1720) is 17 staff on duty across all fire stations to ensure proper ability to respond to emergency calls.

Staffing Levels 2020

Call Volume 2020

On average 82% of calls coming into fire are for EMS services. In 2020 the Fire department averaged 9 calls per day.


Response Times

The National Fire Protection response time standard for a community of our size is 6 to 8 minutes maximum from out the door to on the scene of the emergency.

PWFD Average Response Times 2020

Fire Response Times 2020