Building in PW

Before you apply, make sure you review the checklist of items you need to submit:

Do you want to build a new home? How about a fence?

Before filling out the application, please have the following information ready:

  1. Plot/Site Plan with legal description and all dimensions of property; dimensions and location of structures to be located thereon; setbacks, side and rear clearances, street, easements, etc.

  2. Color Sample 

  3. Tract, Block, lot (assessors site)

  4. Recorded plat (if structure is over 1000 square feet or if building a fence)

  5. Elevation drawing/3D Picture of proposed structure

  6. Set backs (exclusive of fence builds)

  7. Proof of ownership of the lot is required. Check with the title company for this item.

 *Check here if your Tract is 90% built out (before filling out application)

Review the Standards before you build:

Development Process (COA- Public Works- Water)


A Driveway Access Permit is required for all new home builds.