Water Utilities COVID Response

Notice to Commercial & Industrial Business:

Pueblo West Metropolitan Utilities Department wants to reach out to the business community with an update on utility operations.  Specifically how they relate to the Backflow Prevention & Cross-Connection Control program and our response to the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak.

It is our intention to be flexible with the below outlined plan and adjust accordingly given any changes. For those of you that are closed, we hope that you will be open for business soon.  If your business is closed, many plumbing companies and backflow testers are available to test assemblies. For a list of approved certified local backflow testers email water@pwmd-co.us or call 719-225-0033.  

We believe we can stay on track with our annual goals; however, there is potential that this outbreak could extend for a longer period of time and further impact our regulatory enforcement processes and timelines.

We hope this information is helpful and we respectfully ask for your patience as we focus on the health and safety of the community and those that are working in these unique circumstances. Please keep with the CDC guidance recommendations. 

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, PMWD Utilities will continue to:

  1. Send Annual compliance letters

  2. Send Failed backflow testing letters 

  3. Notice of Violation letters

  4. All shut offs will be suspended until determined safe to continue
    a. The suspension of shut-offs during this time, relates to non-compliance with repair of failed assemblies not being completed within the required timeframes.
    b. Suspension of shut-offs during this time does not include events where a backflow condition might occur or other event that could potentially contaminate our finished water system. If a backflow event were to occur, normal operations would be followed and water shut-offs would be conducted where appropriate in order to protect our drinking water system.
    c.The purpose of the suspension of shut-offs related to routine backflow prevention installation and repair activities is to not interrupt service to our customers where an imminent threat has Not occurred when water is a critical service to aid in protection of human health and the environment, including hand-washing and sanitation activities during this biological threat.

  5. Our cross-connection coordinator will handle calls, emails and any written correspondence

  6. Backflow data information will continue to be performed