Commercial & Multi-Family

This process also applies to Industrial and Mixed-Use Projects

​Permitting generally follows a set process. The forms and info you need are associated with each step in the process below.

Step 1

Property Research​
Come prepared with knowledge to speed up the process.

May be required | Time Varies

  1. Map & Search Tools
  2. Declaration of Reservations
  3. Codes & Resolutions
  4. Fee Information

Step 2

Pre-Planning Conference
Meet with Committee of Architecture to determine project feasibility and identify roadblocks.

Required | About 3 Weeks

- Pre-Planning Conference Review - Please print and bring to Pre-Planning Conference
- Pre-Planning Conference Application - Please submit online
- PWMD Water and Sewer Use Questionnaire - Please submit online
*Note: Pre-Planning Conference Review MUST be printed and brought to the Pre-Planning Conference. Pre-Planning Conference Application and Use Questionnaire for Water/Sewer MUST be completed, to the extent possible, and submitted online together.
**Note: Once the applicant receives the water and/or sewer availability letter from the District, you'll have ten (10) business days from the date of the letter to return completed PWMD Water and Sewer Questionnaire (PDF) to: 
         PWMD, Water Utility Department
         20 W. Palmer Lake Dr.
         Pueblo West, CO 81007
Submit COMPLETED PWMD Water and Sewer Use Questionnaire online to be sent via email.

Step 3

Permit Application Forms & Related Info
All permits are obtained and submitted through Pueblo Regional Building. For questions, please contact, Pueblo Regional Building.

Required | Time Varies

  1. Building Permit Checklists
  2. Application Documents
  3. Other Permits You May Need
  4. Related Info
- Commercial Checklist & Plan Review Application (PDF) for Pueblo Regional Approval
- Building Permit Checklist (PDF) for Pueblo County Approval
- Solar PV Standard Checklist (PDF) for Pueblo Regional Approval

Step 4

Engineering Planning Review
Pueblo West Metro District Public Works will review the engineering plans before applications are submitted to Committee of Architecture Plan Review.

Required | Time Varies

  1. Preliminary Checklist
  2. Final Checklists/Certification
  3. Drainage Policy
  4. More Info
- Preliminary Development Checklist (PDF) for PWMD Public Works Approval
- Preliminary Drainage Submittal Checklist (PDF) for PWMD Public Works Approval

Step 5

Committee of Architecture Plan Review
The Committee of Architecture reviews application to ensure compliance to the Declaration of Reservations and safety requirements.

Required | Time Varies

  1. After Approval
  2. Project Deadline
  3. Construction Site
  4. More Info
After approval by the Committee, the appropriate water and/or sewer tap fee may be paid. Building permits may be obtained from the Pueblo County Regional Building Authority. The Routing Approval Sheet procedure (Required Agency Approvals - Project Routing) may then begin, with construction to follow. Different types of projects require different agencies to be signed off. Contact Pueblo County Regional Building to see if you are required to have a Routing Approval Sheet for your project.


Step 6

County officials inspects work to ensure that the applicable codes are being followed and safety requirements are in place.

Required | Time Varies

  1. Inspections
  2. Progress & Other Inspections
  3. Inspection Requests
Once a permit is issued the activity is subject to inspection by county officials. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that the applicable codes are being followed. Construction work shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved.