Building Codes & Permits

Determining If a Permit Is Needed

The International Building Code is used throughout Pueblo County. Building permits are required for all construction, installation, alteration, repairs, and demolition of any building or building service equipment in Pueblo County. Separate permits are required for electrical and plumbing work. Some 11 types of work may be exempt from permit requirements, but generally any and all construction or demolition activities will require a permit. You need to contact the Pueblo Regional Building Authority to determine permit requirements.

Applying for a Permit

When applying for a permit, individuals need to provide the following:
  • Description of the type of activity
  • Location
  • Projected cost
If major construction or demolition is taking place, you may be required to submit plans, drawings and specifications.


Fees are charged for plan reviews and permits. These fees must be paid prior to issuing of the permit. Fee schedules for plan reviews and permits are available from the Pueblo Regional Building Authority.


Once a permit is issued the activity is subject to inspection by county officials. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that the applicable codes are being followed. Construction work shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes until approved.

Progress & Other Inspections

The Pueblo County Building Inspector will make progress inspections of the structure at certain key points of construction, as specified within the Pueblo County Building Code. The individual contractors should make application to the City/County Health Department for plumbing inspections and to the Pueblo County Building Inspector for electrical and building inspections. It is the duty of the applicant or his contractor to advise the other appropriate agencies 24 hours in advance when the structure is ready for inspection.


All reputable contractors in South Central Colorado carry a contractors' license and insurance. When selecting a contractor, make sure he is licensed and insured. Always ask for references, obtain bids from several sources, know the full cost of the finished job and never pay for services or materials that have not been provided.