Approval Process


Any individual, company, or corporation intending to construct, alter, erect, repair or demolish any permanent structure in Pueblo West shall comply with the Declaration of Reservations recorded for the Tract in which he proposes to initiate construction. Approval of building plans must be secured from the Pueblo West Committee of Architecture, and a Building Permit obtained from the Pueblo County Regional Building Authority.


Applications must be complete and submitted to the Pueblo West Committee of Architecture by 4 p.m. on the deadline day.


Complete applications must include:
  • 6 complete sets of construction, utility plans and specifications. The plans should match your site plan exactly and include all structures to be approved, including storage buildings, fences, etc. Building plans must have elevations of all sides of the home, and conform with the current UBC building code and the Pueblo West Declaration of Reservations Architectural guidelines and must consist of not less than the following:
    • A plot/site plan with legal description and all dimensions of property; dimensions and location of structures to be located thereon; setbacks, side and rear clearances, street, easements, etc.
    • Construction plans showing in detail all elevations, floor plans, type and dimensions of materials to be used, and exterior color samples.
  • A Colorado Structural Engineer designed foundation plan. One Colorado stamped foundation plan and soil test must be on file before excavation begins.
  • Landscaping plans should be as detailed as possible, and show how the land disturbed by construction will be reclaimed. A plan must be submitted and can be changed at a later date if you decide to do revisions. Applicants have one year from the date of approval to comply with approved landscape plan.
  • Grading: If extensive grading is required to provide a building site for any structure, the applicant must submit a grading plan together with the other documents as outlined. Grading must be performed in a manner as to preclude excessive runoff or ponding of water from any source from one property to another, whether public or private. It is illegal to significantly alter the drainage from your property.
  • Proof of ownership of the lot is required. Check with the title company for this item.

Construction Site

The Committee of Architecture requires construction sites to place and maintain chemical toilets for their workers on each construction site. Dumpsters must also be placed on site, used, and emptied when full. The Committee suggests that lids be placed and used on the dumpsters.

After Approval

After approval by the Committee, the appropriate water and/or sewer tap fee may be paid. Building permits may be obtained from the Pueblo County Regional Building Authority. The routing procedure may then begin, with construction to follow.

Project Deadline

The Committee will designate time parameters for the completion of your project. Any change in plan will negate the approval and must be submitted to the Committee for reapproval.

More Information

The office staff at the Committee of Architecture will be happy to guide you in these matters. They are a valuable resource. Do not hesitate to take advantage of their expertise. Please call us at 719-547-5019 or drop by the office to pick up a copy of the Declaration of Reservations for your reference.