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Cattail Crossing Pond


  1. Fishing
  2. Garden
  3. Picnic Shelters
This 3.75-acre park has a fishing pond area, adjacent to the Desert Hawk Golf Course, that was developed for children ages 15 and under and persons with disabilities for fishing opportunities.


The amenities for public use include:
  • Reservable picnic shelters and tables
  • Fishing slabs
  • Sidewalk around the pond
  • Xeriscape garden and benches
As of June 4; Pueblo West is under Stage 1 Fire Restriction, there will be no use of charcoal grilling at the parks, per the Pueblo West Fire Department.  Gas grills may be used.


  1. Cattail Pavilion 1 (large pavilion on North)

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  2. Cattail Pavilion 2 (small pavilion along McCulloch)

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  3. Cattail Pavilion 3 (small pavilion along Golf Course)

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