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Cattail Pavilion 2 (small pavilion along McCulloch)

Subfacility of Cattail Crossing Pond

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Reservation Cost

$100.00 per day

Max Occupancy 25

Rules and Regulations for the Pueblo West Metro District Pavilion Rentals (PDF)

Reservations are only allowed for the current calendar year.  We do not accept any reservations for years in advance.

This is the larger pavilion located at Cattail Pond.

Leash Law

According to the Pueblo County law, all dogs must be on a leash in this outdoor setting that has wildlife.

Cleanliness of the Area

Due to the wildlife that roam in this area, we try to keep it clean for the reservations, but geese and ducks are free to go where they want and you may have to also clean up the area for your use.


  • Base Rental Cost: $50 (cost for larger pavilion #1)
  • Base Rental Cost: $25 (cost for small pavilions #2 & #3)
  • Deposit: $75

Making Reservations

Some customers experience a "freeze" when using their smart phones to make reservations. Please consider using a home computer to make reservations and payments.
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