What is a Roadshow?

A Roadshow is a community meeting where Pueblo West Public Works Department engages residents on road repair and maintenance issues. Our staff inform residents about what we are doing to maintain and mitigate damage on a limited budget, and we listen to the opinions and perspectives of our residents. To learn more about these community engagement meetings, please call 719-547-5012.

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1. What is a Roadshow?
2. What information do I need to provide when reporting a service request?
3. How do I report a washboard road?
4. How do I report a pothole?
5. How do I request maintenance on my gravel road?
6. Will my road be paved?
7. Can chip seal be installed on my gravel road?
8. Cars on my road are creating excessive dust. Can you eliminate the dust?
9. My asphalt road is badly cracked. How can I get my road overlaid with a new asphalt surface?
10. What is the Pueblo West Streets and Roads Snow and Ice Removal policy?
11. How do I report a malfunctioning traffic or pedestrian signal?
12. How do I report a tree, shrub or other objects blocking a street sign?
13. How do I report a missing damaged, missing or vandalized street name sign?
14. What doesn't the Streets and Roads Dept maintain our gravel road consistently?