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Posted on: July 15, 2021

Cycle and Soak Watering for Clay Soil


One of the unique characteristics of Pueblo West is the foundation upon which our community rests. The majority of Pueblo West’s acreage sits on clay soil,  which is particularly dense. While water moves relatively slowly through clay soil, it do...

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Water Utilities
Posted on: June 18, 2021

Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions


Pueblo West Metropolitan District begins Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions

Pueblo West Metropolitan District is now on Stage 1 Voluntary Water Restrictions, effective immediately. Due to below average snowpack this past year and in alignment with the re...

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Water Utilities
Posted on: May 26, 2021

Wise Water Usage Tips

Purple creeping phlox

Wise Water Usage Tips for Pueblo West residents

While the weather over the past few weeks has been uncharacteristically rainy, Pueblo West’s traditionally arid climate and reduced snowpack this year make it essential for residents to use water wisely and u...

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Water Utilities
Posted on: April 5, 2021

Spring Fever and Your Water System

Flowers in snow

With this pre-simulated 'Spring Fever' there is a real risk in starting up your sprinkler system too early.

As you know, here in Pueblo West, we can get snow in mid-April with below 30 degree nights. Sprinklers get damaged when water is i...

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Water Utilities
Posted on: January 6, 2021

Prairie Smart Watering


Pueblo West is an arid region that receives only 12 inches of rainfall each year versus the US average of 38 inches. Our primary source of drinking water is Twin Lakes, located just south of Leadville. ...

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Water Utilities
Posted on: October 27, 2020

Outdoor Efficiency


  • Mulch planting beds with newspaper, leaves, bark, or wood chips. Mulches retain soil moisture and improve soil quality.
  • Water your plantings with a soaker hose or a drip irrigation system. Less water evaporates this way than with a sprinkler, and you targe...
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Water Utilities