Communications and Public Outreach

Residents first

That is the mission of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District Communications and Public Outreach Office. We strive to provide residents – which includes community leaders and business leaders – with timely, accurate information about Metro District news, policies, and the community at-large.

The Communications and Public Outreach Office is responsible for the following:

  • Management of the Pueblo West Metropolitan District website
  • Content creation and distribution of Metro District news and information
  • Management of Metro District social media channels
  • Community and resident relations
  • Outreach and public engagement programs and event
  • Volunteer and community service programs
  • Community social events
  • Media relations
  • Press release distribution

We execute our 'residents-first' communications and outreach philosophy by:

  • Proactively informing residents about public safety emergencies
  • Using all available communications channels and tools (website, social media, text messaging, mobile apps, local media, video, etc.) to inform as many residents as possible. This also includes continual efforts for face-to-face communications with Metro District leadership through small group events and one-on-one opportunities.
  • Partnering with residents, as well as community and business leaders, to prioritize community service and public involvement, thereby enhancing Pueblo West's image as a positive and welcoming place to live and work.  
  • Provide social outlets and build community through a robust entertainment and events program.
  • Serve as a locally-dedicated news and information source for Pueblo West residents and the community at-large by regularly providing timely, accurate and entertaining content about our community.
  • Practice proactive and mutually beneficial media relations to both inform the community and portray Pueblo West in a positive light.
  • Conduct day-to-day communications and outreach activities by asking "how can we better serve residents."

Website Information Disclaimer

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District Communications Office is currently reviewing the Metro District website to check for out-of-date information and broken links, as well as adding new information that may be of interest to our residents and stakeholders. As a result, some information found on the Metro District website MAY be out of date. 

If you have any questions, contact Communications Manager Anthony Sandstrom at