Application Process

**Before applying for new build or accessory structure, click here to see if your Tract is 90% Built Out. Click here  to learn more.  To view tract map, click here. 

  1. Fill out specific application with required attachments (signatures) and payment 
    1. Double check the deadlines and fees 
      1. Applications to be submitted prior to 4pm on deadline day
    2. Community Development Applications and Fees
    3. Driveway Access Permit Fees
      1. If your structure is greater than 200 square feet or is a carport, you will need a driveway access permit. Any questions, please contact engineering 719.547.9801
  2. Return application with payment through one of the following methods:
    1. 356 S. McCulloch, Suite 101 drop box 
    2. Email to for Community Development and for Public Works
      1. If you have submitted your application via email, please remember to drop off your payment to the drop box at 356 S. McCulloch Suite 101. 
  3. If you completed a driveway access permit, you will need to schedule a pre-inspection - you will contact the Engineering Team at or (719) 547.9801 to schedule an inspection time (pre- and final) in accordance with the Access Permit Special Provisions
    1. Inspection fees included in original permit cost, but additional fees could be required (re-inspection fees, etc.) 
    2. A pre-inspection and contractor vetting process is necessary before project routing can be signed off
    3. If approved, engineering will notify you of approval
    4. If not approved, engineering will contact you to describe necessary action to move forward
    5. If you have any questions, please contact engineering at
  4. For new homes & accessory approvals, Committee of Architecture reviews applications bi-weekly during public meetings (
    1. If item was NOT approved, staff will contact you for revisions and required information to move forward 
    2. Approved applications are sent via email the Friday following a COA meeting
      1. Contingent Applications will be held until all materials are turned in and acceptable
      2. Continued applications will be continued to the next COA meeting to allow time for customer to return required documents
      3. If you have any questions, contact Community Development at
  5. Once your application is approved, you will submit plans to Pueblo County Regional Building Dept. for building permit and routing sheets
  6. After your application has been approved by Committee of Architecture, you'll need to contact the Water/ Wastewater Dept. to pay your Water Tap and sign and notarize your quit-claim deed.
    3. All excavations for water/wastewater service lines will be inspected as well
  7. A final Driveway Access Inspection is necessary before your certificate of occupancy can be approved
    1. Once you are ready for your final inspection, you will contact engineering at to schedule a final inspection.
  8. Once all prior steps are complete, you will access your Certificate of Occupancy through the online portal at Pueblo Regional Department. Welcome to Pueblo West! We are excited to have you join our community. 

Individuals requiring special accommodations for our Committee of Architecture Meetings, should notify the District Clerk's office at 719.251.8723 by Noon on the Friday preceding the meeting.

  1. Community Development

    Physical Address
    356 S. McCulloch Blvd
    Suite 101
    Pueblo West, CO 81007

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 7005
    Pueblo West, CO 81007

    Phone: 719.252.4183
    Fax: 719.547.1048

  2. Public Works

    Physical Address
    280 E McCulloch Blvd
    Pueblo West, CO 81007

    Phone: 719.547.9801
    Fax: 719.547.1049

Commercial Review Information

Prior to any application submission to the Committee of Architecture, all commercial and industrial projects will first need go through the Commercial Development Review process to ensure all the development requirements are understood for the project in order to eliminate any unnecessary delays and surprises further in the permitting and development process.

The meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and done virtually on Zoom. The Commercial Development Review team is made up of representatives from relevant Pueblo West Metro District departments, Pueblo County Planning & Development, Pueblo Regional Building Department, and utility providers.

Please contact our economic development specialist to discuss your project and schedule to be at an upcoming review meeting at (719) 547-5074.

In preparation for the meeting you will need to submit in email to ( the following:

Letter of Intent:

  Describe project including aspects such as:

legal address
property and building(s) use
size of lot and buildings
# of employees
expected vehicle traffic
type of architecture and landscaping
estimated water use needs
project phases (if applicable)

Preliminary Site Plan:

Depict aspects such as:

property lines w/ dimensions
building(s) footprint
parking location
access points
utility locations
drainage detention area(s)
fences and walls
sign(s) location

WasteWater Questionaire