2021 Pueblo West Tax Changes

December 18, 2020 

Dear Pueblo West Business Owner, 

This letter is to inform you that on November 3, 2020, the Citizens of Pueblo West  authorized a temporary sales tax increase in the amount of 1.0%. Collection of the sales  tax will commence on January 1, 2021 and sunset on December 31, 2030. 

The tax will be collected on every transaction which a sales tax is levied by the State of  Colorado, to include retail marijuana. 

The Special District’s sales tax will be administered by the Colorado Department of  Revenue (http://tax.colorado.gov/). The Department of Revenue publishes a Tax Memo  that can be found here: https://tax.colorado.gov/sales-tax-rate-changes. This memo  provides the vendor fee and all the exemptions that apply so that business owners can  program their ERP systems. 

In addition, here is a link (https://tax.colorado.gov/sites/tax/files/DR1002_07- 2020_V2.pdf) to the Department of Revenue’s Form DR1002, showing sales tax rates  and other relevant sales tax information for our local business owners. 

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please contact our Finance Department or the Colorado Department of  Revenue at http://tax.colorado.gov/


Nina Vetter 

Nina Vetter 

District Manager 

Pueblo West Metropolitan District 

P.O. Box 7005 

Pueblo West, CO 81007