Streets and Roads Division

The Pueblo West Streets and Roads Division provides professional, cost-efficient, and effective maintenance and repair of the District’s streets and roadways, and manages the on-going drainage issues that exist in the public right of way; engages in long-term strategic planning for using Best Practices in meeting the future needs of the transportation-ways within the District, all of which foster a safe travel and living environment, while promoting the highest levels of excellent customer service possible.

The Streets and Roads Division maintains approximately 400 miles of roadway, of which nearly 50 percent are gravel and 50 percent are asphalt surfaced. The Streets and Roads Division works closely with the District’s Engineering Division to ensure professionally maintained roadways exist in accordance with Best Practices and available resources.

Road Maintenance Division

The Streets and Roads Division handles motor or road grading, chip sealing, pothole repair, crack sealing, drainage repairs, snow removal, street sweeping, pothole repairs, dust mitigation, and drainage system repairs, among others. Click on the links below to find specific basic information about the issue of your concern.  

  • Road Grading
  • Chip Sealing
  • Pothole Repair
  • Crack Sealing
  • Drainage Repairs
  • Snow Removal
  • Other Services
  • Dust Mitigation
  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Tree Trimming that affects safety and site lines

The Pueblo West Metropolitan District website provides the Pueblo West community the opportunity to “Connect with Us” via the Districts website. Residents can click on the tabs within this section to electronically enter a comment or question regarding street and road repairs, drainage concerns, etc. In addition, residents may call the Streets and Roads Manager at 719-547-5068.