We have some fun and unique activities planned this summer
for kids to "get up and keep moving".

Tuesday Camps with Ms. Teresa

  • Creative Creations - A fun artistic class for kids ages 5-7,
          with a max of 12 kids, will get those creative juices flowing.  
          Kids will learn new artistic techniques using an assortment
          of materials.  
    TIMES: 8:30-9:45am
    DATES: Jun 4 to Jun 25
  • Hop, Skip, & Jump - This outdoor activity camp for kids ages
          5-7, with a max of 12 kids will get kids playing those playground
          games and keep them active.  Learning new games and even
          playing those "classics" with a new twist.  
          Click here starting May 20 to register online.
    TIMES: 10:00-11:15am          
    DATES: Jun 4 to Jun 25 

Wednesday Camp with Ms. Paula

  • Boys on the Move - A popular "boys only" physical activity and
         artistic class for ages 3-7,with a max of 8, boys will play a variety
         of sports, exercises, and make cool guy crafts.  (no class 7/3)

    This camp is held 9:00-10:30am.        

    Jun 26: Flying Dragon crafts
    Jul 10: Robot Finger puppets & Craft stick Robots
    Jul 17: Baseball Hat Art
    Jul 24: Sandpaper Shirt Art

Thursday Camp with Ms. Amanda

  • Jump Bunch Camp -  A new "get fit" program for kids ages 5-9, with a
          max of 10, will give children a chance to learn team building skills, play
          new games, run relay races, play sports, and even how to get along
          with their siblings!  That's right.....we will offer a small discount to
          siblings that register.
    TIMES: 9:00-10:30am            
     DATES: Jun 6-Jun 20  (no class 6/27, 7/4)
         then    Jul 11 to Jul 25    


Friday Camp with Ms. Paula

  • Crafty Artists - This fun art camp for kids ages 5-8, with a max of 10,          will keep kids interested not only in an art form, but they will also make        some tasty treats each week.  This camp will also give opportunity for
         your convenience to register for 1, 2, or all 6 weeks.  Just pick and                choose which you would like to take.  Any first week is $10, and each          additional week is only $8 more, from 10:45am-12:00pm.  (no classes         on 6/21 or 7/5)
                 Jun 28: Mini Birdbath & Jewelry Holder
                 Jul 22: Summer Story Paper Quilt Art
                 Jul 19: No-sew Bandana Bag
                 Jul 26: Washer Necklace