Beer Permits

Our alcohol permit applications cover beer products only.


The fee for an Beer Permit is $40.00.

How to Apply

Fill out the Alcohol Permit Application (PDF) and bring into our office with your cash payment. An approved copy will then be given as proof of application.  Or you can 
click HERE and you can pay for your permit online, and an approved copy will be emailed back to you to keep at your event.

Beer Application Information

Purchase a beer application for the following Parks and Recreation facilities:

  • Civic Center Pavilion rentals
  • Lovell Park Picnic Pavilion rentals
  • Memorial Recreation Building rentals


Beer products must be in can or keg. No bottles are allowed. If you have bottles, $25 of your damage deposit will be forfeited.

Pools & Ponds

We do not allow any (alcohol) or beer at the Pueblo West swimming pool, nor at the Cattail Crossing fishing pond.