4th of July Celebration

Since the 1970s, the Pueblo West Metropolitan District has celebrated Independence Day with a splash. What began as typical hot July morning, as Fire Chief Jack Fowler sprayed a crowd of sweaty spectators with a fire hose along the parade route, has now turned into the largest wet parade and water fight west of the Mississippi.

Wet & Dry Signs for your vehicles

Parade Entry Forms and Map of parade route

Wet Parade

Each Independence Day, the parade route along Joe Martinez Boulevard is transformed into a winding stream 
of blasting water cannons and squirt guns. 
Those brave enough to participate in the battle park along the route early in the morning.  The beds of pickups are transformed into holding tanks, containing many gallons of water - easy access for quick reloads - and plenty of ammunition for the duration of the parade. 

Staying Dry

For those who wish to stay dry, there is a section at the beginning of the parade route where water in forbidden.  It is suggested to bring a canopy or plastic to shield away the water.  The "front" section of the parade is considered "DRY" where entrants can enjoy the scene in an antique automobile or on horseback.

Other Events

After the parade, fun activities will be taking
place at Civic Center Park, for families to
enjoy the day.  In the evening will be live
bands, food and drink and fun stuff for

At sundown,  the Pueblo West Fire Dept.
orchestrates a display of fireworks that can
be seen from almost every property in Pueblo


4th of July Parade entries can register online
starting May 1 through Jun 29.
Click here to register your float online.   

Parade Route
Wet Fun